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Weapons in GTA [1]
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All weapons in GTA 5
Weapons in GTA 5
GTA would be a normal racing game, if there was not a single weapon. The more powerful weapons, the better. The standard edition of the game GTA 5 includes 30 weapons (and a special collector's edition includes 3 additional), 20 firearms, 5 melee weapons, projectiles and 4 canister of fuel.

Weapons in GTA 5
All firearms can be purchased and upgraded. Only 2 melee weapons will be available in stores.
Weapons in GTA 5
Some weapons will be available only after certain missions. Reports of new supplies of weapons to the shops regularly come to email your characters. Almost all the weapons and ammo you can get for free, as the game progresses and the various missions.

Below are all kinds of weapons, as well as descriptions and specifications.

50-caliber pistol, a bullpup shotgun and a hammer are available exclusively to those who purchased a special or collector's edition of the game.

Free assault submachine gun
If you tie your copy of the game GTA 5 to the Rockstar Social Club, you get a totally free assault submachine gun with the ability to upgrade unlocked!

Melee Weapon
Fists and feet

Fists and feet - your first means of attack and defense. Dogfight - an integral part of the series of GTA.


Great edged weapon that can be used under water. In stealth mode, the knife is a deadly weapon. The knife can be purchased in stores Ammu-Nation, found in the streets or the members of the gangs.


Damage done a little less damage than a baseball bat. The baton can be purchased in stores Ammu-Nation or take away from the police.


Dangerous weapon melee available to all players who made ​​the reservation game. However, later, the hammer is now available to all players, as it was possible to find a location Cockapoo central.


Favorite weapon of millions! The bit can be found on the back of the store stock Ammu-Nation on Highway 68, in the camp altruists in the park Los Santos on site for bicycles BMX, as well as on the hills of Rockford on the second floor of an unfinished house.


A rare weapon that can be found in Blaine County, south of Bicker garage, as well as in the doorway of the factory.

Golf club

You can play golf on the green lawns of clubs or breaking the skull! Damage Done is a baseball bat.


Standard 12-round gun.

Gun battle

12-round semi-automatic pistol.

The armor-piercing gun

Automatic 18-round armor-piercing gun.

50 caliber pistol

The most powerful 8-shooter gun in GTA 5, available only to those who have purchased a special or collector's version of the game.


Single-shot pistol-shocker, recharge which takes 4 seconds, is able for a time to disable the enemy. Available in stores after the mission "The Sting."

Sub-machine guns
Micro SMG

16-round submachine gun. The only weapon other than pistols from which to fire the machine.


Reliable and accurate 16-round submachine gun, which can be found in the backyard of Grove Street.

Assault SMG

Special quick-firing weapon available to members Rockstar Social Club.

Assault Rifles
Assault rifle

Analog of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.


Accurate and reliable 30-round weapon.

Advanced rifle

The final weapon, which can be opened in stores Ammu-Nation. The most powerful, precise and rapid-firing assault rifle in the game. Weapons can be found in the vault camp cannibals.

Light machine guns

50-round gun.

Gun battle

More powerful and rapid-fire. Available after completing the mission "Blitz game."


The most powerful and most are not long-range shotgun can be bought in stores Ammu-Nation or taken away from the gang members.

Pump shotgun

Great precise weapon that can be purchased in stores Ammu-Nation or withdrawn from the police.

Assault shotgun

8-round automatic shotgun.

Bullpup shotgun

14-charging weapons made by the scheme bullpup (magazine located behind the trigger). Shotgun is available to players who purchase the special or collector's version of the game.

Sniper Rifles
Sniper Rifle

The perfect weapon for long distances. The rifle can be found in the Observatory telescope Galileo near or inside the power plant Palmer Taylor.

Large-caliber sniper rifle

The most powerful weapon in the game after an RPG, however, capacity clips less than a normal sniper rifle.

Heavy Weapons

It can not be bought. Weapons can be found in an underwater cave or get in the mission, "Trevor Phillips Industries."


The famous grenade. The most powerful weapon in the game. Can be found in the camp of cannibals, the office or the NSA to get a few missions.


The famous grenade. The most powerful weapon in the game. Can be found in the camp of cannibals, the office or the NSA to get a few missions.

Thrown weapons and explosives

Grenades can be purchased in stores Ammu-Nation for $ 120 apiece.


Glued to any surface. Stickies can be purchased in stores Ammu-Nation.

Tear gas

For some time, brings opponents down. With gas grenades can be bought in stores Ammu-Nation.

Molotov cocktail

Weapons revolution! Molotov cocktails can be found on the sandy beach or the coast Alamo.

Fuel cans
Fuel cans can be bought in stores Ammu-Nation or obtained in the missions, and are also found in various locations of Los Santos, for example in gas stations.
Fuel cans in GTA 5
Fuel from the canisters can be spilled anywhere and set on fire a shot player.

How to get a rare weapon
- Assault SMG - given for the binding of the game to the Rockstar Social Club.
- Crossbow - in a career in the toilet stall , right at the first fork , right, up the hill , then turn left into a dead end . Underwater wreck north- west of the island .
- Baseball Bat # 1 - about property for sale Hokiz in the toilet stall .
- Baseball Bat # 2 - behind the house on the bay (where you meet Cletus to hunt moose .)
- Baseball Bat # 3 - on the rock inside the camp cannibals. Cannibals very hostile and no tricks will not help you to talk them out of the desire to eat you .
- Baseball Bat # 4 - inside the warehouse Ammu-Nation on Highway 68 .
- Golf clubs - you can find this weapon on golf courses .
- Molotov Cocktail ( five pieces ) # 1 - 500 meters to the south of Hokiz , under the arch of the little bridge. Place the marker on the map and go ( to accurately measure the distance ) to the south, the desired arch will be the first under the lights.
- Molotov Cocktail ( five pieces ) # 2 - go down the road to the south, after the warehouse Los Santos Customs ( in Sandy Shores) on the second turn , turn right and climb up the winding dirt road to the Stoners Cement Works, a cocktail will be near the tractor under canopy.

Body armor in GTA 5
In GTA 5 there are several types of body armor. Body armor protects you against the three main dangers: explosions, gunfire, bumps and falls.
Body armor in GTA 5
Body armor can be found in various locations of Los Santos and Blaine County , and bought in all shops Ammu-Nation.

Just a GTA 5 has five types of body armor:

Super body armor
Good protection against small caliber pistols . Armor value appears as a blue bar , between the green health bar and a yellow indicator abilities.

This type of armor gives 15% extra protection.

Cost - $ 500.

Lightweight body armor
Combined type of armor includes a light vest and solid plate. Good protection from small caliber submachine guns .
This type of armor gives 40 % extra protection.

Cost - $ 1000.

Standard body armor
More durable vest , well protected from large-caliber pistols and rifles standard .
This type of armor gives 60 % extra protection.

Cost - $ 1500.

Heavy body armor

Reliable vest , well protected from assault rifles and shotguns, both the front and the back.
This type of armor gives 80 % extra protection.

Cost - $ 2000.

Heavyweight vest
Excellent armor that protects against large-caliber , shotguns and explosives from four sides.
This type of armor gives 100 % extra protection.

Cost - $ 2500.

Parachutes in GTA 5
In GTA 5 has a variety of parachutes. The only difference between them is the design and color.
Parachutes in GTA 5
Design / Color
- Red
- Marine band
- Hornet
- patriot
- "Widowmaker"
- rainbow
- Black
- Blue

You can also purchase additional smoke bombs with the smoke of different colors.

Color of smoke
- Black
- Red
- Orange
- Blue
- Yellow

You can find a parachute on the mountain Chilliad at several points.

Note: In order to buy parachutes in stores Ammu-Nation you have to finish the mission flight school or finish the mission risk assessment (Risk Assessment) Franklin.
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