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Robber mod 1.0 by Alexey1999
[ · Download from mirror () ] 02.01.2014, 19:41
This mod adds the ability to go to any legitimate business ( Pizza , Burger Shot, Cluckin Bell, clothing store ) , and rob him. Yes, I know that this mod has been , but it does not look like mine.
In this fashion all accompanied by beautiful animation LetsGoShift and lots of randomness . When you go to the store or diner , and are aiming directly to the seller, he can give you a random amount up to $ 10,000 , and when you're at the barber or tattoo parlor , only to $ 5000 .
But not all vendors are friendly, sometimes they can dramatically grab a shotgun or handgun from under the counter or pockets ! Be careful!
Another main feature is a very star wanted level . If you masked robber or any scarf , you will be given 2 stars , and if you stupidly ran to the store with an open face , you punched a 4 star. Stars are not immediately, but only after 10 seconds.
Well as in the archives of a script dressing mask , which you can put on your request ...


1) Good animation
2 ) Good script
3) Many functions and randomized
4) This mod is similar to the function of GTA 5
5) Realism


Script with a mask (Mask.cs)
1) Recruit cheat code ROB and CJ " will tighten " the mask on your face .

PS: You can not wear a mask in places robbery because would look very stupid

Script robbery (Rob.cs)
1) We run into any business
2) Take the weapon
3) to aim at Seller
4 ) Wait ...
5) When received the money , wash before the first cover from the cops until you are given star wanted level , as in the store already called them and they came round in 10 seconds.


Will certainly be another version
Both scripts are reserved , so do not even try to open it and skopipastit . Code ladies only trusted people.
Do not even say that there deposit! I specifically made ​​it so that authorized users rocked it from the server libertycity.ru, not authorized users - with Deposit Files! Deposit - just a mirror !
Redistributions fashion kindly requested to specify these authors, who are listed below .
Script Author : Alexey1999
Copyright animations : LetsGoShift
Category: GTA Mods | Added by: Bananza
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