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Grand Theft Auto: I Am Legend 0.75
[ · Download from mirror () ] 02.01.2014, 19:43
Modification for the game GTA SA on the eponymous film.
The game will be infected dogs and people walking around at night. Well , dogs - dogs and people here ... you will not see the classic wobbly brainless Zombakov we are used to watching films about zombies . Though they are animal life , but live their organized civilization in overgrown cities .
In GTA I Am Legend infected will behave the way they behave in the film, the crowd will rush the player, beat , trying to knock down on the ground. In contrast to the usual all the zombies infected will not try to bite you . Their task - to destroy ! They are stronger, faster , more agile and enduring standard of zombie games. If you dare to go to the car at night - they will fight against the car with her fists to attack , jump under the wheels as much as possible to damage it.

Wild - cat.
Deer -
- Dog
- Infected dogs
- Sharks

infected :
-10 Kinds of female
-20 Kinds of male

People (still in draft ) :
- Survivors

The protagonist :
Doctor Neville

Moving :
Moving on locations will no longer so easy and cloudless as it was in all parts of series GTA. Even if your order will be a car with a full tank of fuel , you still need to carefully plan your route . Many streets were closed during the epidemic and those who do not overlap clean up after her. Just streets , particularly in the center of which preferred crammed tightly forever huge traffic jams in the tens and hundreds of cars. Some familiar tunnels , which can be quickly reach their destination either collapsed or were flooded. Many bridges were destroyed. And some familiar road just overgrown with trees !

Transport ... attitude in this game there will be a classic. Will be the new pros and cons, tell all in order.
Early in the game you will have 2 car remotely similar to those that exist in the realm of Professor Neville in the film .
Total 2 ... a little? Of course! Under the conditions that they will also be susceptible to damage. Around the city will be placing several thousand (!) Machines and only 2-3 of 100 cars will be able to start up and ride . Installed fuel modification . Any transport you have to fix manually. Replacing wheels , engine repair . Forget the quick fix services and cheat codes ! Of course , the game will be to take the new car - car dealerships in San Fierro there will be several new cars in more than fair condition. But since the hero will live in Santos , will get them some task, because any movement around the city will be full of surprises, and God forbid you to stay without a car in the night city !
- all transport about 25 000 units
Of them ( the approximate number exactly as it is already impossible to count )
-18 000 are dead in the trash and broken rusty on what not capable
-2000 Spontaneous type - that is, it may be any of the above
-2000 All the time can stand or locked , but the factory or open , but do not start.
-2000 All the time can stand or locked , but the factory or open , but do not start , and may simply die out when they please , or ignite. They may not work lights, but the car will be able to ride . Can burn lights, but the car will not start. Can be open and starts, but can and vice versa. Many combinations .
-600 Relatively reliable machines .
-5 In special missions . Machine trap.
-2 Auto- secret easter eggs .

- Food - the hero must eat . If time does not eat , it will collapse . Hand fight with the infected will be difficult. If you are within two days did not find food, your life bar will decrease.
- Death - now you do not deliver in a hospital far from the place of death, where you will have a good services. After the death of the player will be provided at the home of the protagonist. And it will be the only place your rebirth.
- Transportation - at the beginning of the game you get 2 cars. Abandoned cars on the street are not suitable for driving . Only one of the 50 possible machine starts up and will be on the move. Therefore, I advise to take care of the machine. There will also be an opportunity to always get a new car in the showroom .
- Aircraft and helicopters are allowed to manage , but not the fact that you will be able to fly them much either !
-Gasoline - you need fuel for cars and home generator. Get it or you can at the gas station or in tanks with fuel , which can be found all over the location , or the overflow of abandoned cars .
- Products - the house of the protagonist would be a fridge . Later versions of some houses and stores will need to get food. Naturally have to look for them. Also in the next version will be available for deer hunting .
- Weapons - weapons in this version can be obtained either doing the job or finding it in a military car . In future versions of the large supply of weapons will be home Neville , after its location on the location . However, the stock can be replenished and ammunition.
Service - do not think that the stores you will be served . You - the only living a normal person.
- Traps - traps put on infected while it is impossible , but you can get them yourself.

After starting . Exe setup file , you need to wait 1-5 minutes before it start. For a smaller weight in the installation file all compressed into two and a half times , so it will be open for a long time .
Category: GTA Mods | Added by: Bananza
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